Festival of India

The Festival of India that we have been organizing is held at Uptown Charlotte, on two consecutive days (Saturday and Sunday). The Festival program includes performances by artists from the Indian community, Indian food, exhibits of arts & crafts from different regions of India and much more. The event is organized to showcase Indian culture and heritage in a very festive spirit. It welcomes people of all communities in the area and provides a great opportunity for cultural exchange with other Americans. It also gives our children an opportunity to display their talents in art, dance and music, thereby reaffirm their pride in their heritage. And it creates an awareness of Indian culture among other communities in the Carolinas.

The program has been growing steadily and we expect it to be a phenomenal success as it has been in the past. The Festival has become one of the key cultural events in Charlotte and is considered our community’s major contribution to the city. In recognition of that, the Honorable Mayor, City of Charlotte has honored our community by proclaiming the opening day as India Day of Charlotte!   


Disha is a dedicated team of young professionals committed to give something back to the community and try to make a difference. Their goal is to help support specific, individualized projects in India and here in Charlotte, primarily through fundraising events, that is a combines fun with philanthropy in a focused manner.

Indian Art

India Art Exhibit is our attempt to have a focal point for cultural exchange in uptown Charlotte, which will also become an educational resource to the second generation Indian community and to others living in the area.
We seem to be making a beginning, albeit a small one. And for that beginning we are beholden to a great couple of Charlotte artists - Dr. Amit Shah and his wife Shilpa Shah. Their enthusiasm, their hard work, their love of art, and their generosity have provided the necessary impetus for the project. The result is an Art Exhibit of seven miniatures of Indian art in the lounge-area to the right of the main entrance at Spirit Square. Amit and Shilpa Shah after visiting a number of art galleries in India, selected these miniature paintings with guidance from the Lalit Kala Academy in New Delhi