Souvenir Vendor Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to register as a souvenir vendor?

  • You will need to have an account (or create one) with the Festival Of India website before you can register to participate as a souvenir vendor. 
  • Read and agree to all the vendor rules and guidelines mentioned below.
  • Completely fill in the Registration form. Partially completed forms will not be accepted.
  • You will be able to choose a Booth from the layout and then asked to pay for it during the registration process.
  • Once you have paid for the Booth, the registration details and payment receipt will be emailed to you.

How can I create an account with the Festival of India?

For the first time, when you register, you will be asked to create a new account. You will be required to validate the email address you provide during the creation of the account. The validation will happen by our system sending a validation message to your email address and you will then need to acknowledge the validation link, before your account creation process is completed.

What happens after I complete the form and submit it?

It gets sent to the Souvenir Vendor Lead person in the Festival, for approval.

Do I need to wait for that approval before continuing my registration?

No, you can continue the registration process. The form is considered to be your digitally signed Document of Understanding, defining your role as a vendor, and your expectations from us. If there are any issues with the content of the form, you will be contacted to take corrective action , if not resolved to mutual satisfaction, it may lead to cancellation of your Booth reservation.

What are the opening dates for Souvenir Vendor Registration?

Souvenir Vendor Registration will open at 6 PM on TBD, 2020 and will be open until all Souvenir Vendor booths are sold out.

Do you have an example of how the registration form will look like?

Please click here to view the souvenir vendor registration form, that you will need to complete during the registration process.

Where can I find the layout of the souvenir vendor booths?

Please click here for the souvenir vendor layout map.

How do I know the cost associated with a Booth that I want to reserve?

During Registration, you will see the layout, Booth# and associated prices. Once a booth is allocated, it will not be changed. If a Booth is wanted by two or more parties, it will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Can a Vendor book more than one Souvenir Vendor booth?

Souvenir Vendors, and their affiliates cannot book more than two Souvenir Vendor booth. Once a Souvenir Vendor has been allotted a booth, they may book only one more booth. It is the responsibility of the Souvenir Vendors to declare their business interest and partnerships. Business Owners cannot change their names and book more than two Souvenir Vendor booths. Such practices may be grounds for cancellation of the Souvenir Vendor registration and forfeiture of registration fees.

What type of payment options are accepted? 

 Payments are accepted through PayPal only. You don't need to have an account with PayPal. You can pay as a guest using credit card or check during the checkout process.

Do you have a refund/cancellation policy? 

Yes, please refer to the guidelines section below for our refund/cancellation policy. 

Will there be electrical power available for Souvenir Vendors? 

Souvenir Vendors will have access to power for lighting etc. upon special request during registration.

What if I have a question that is not addressed above? 

Please contact  or Niketa (732) 586-6075 to address your question. 

As a Souvenir vendor at the FOI (Festival of India), you are required to adhere to the follow the following guidelines throughout the duration of this event.

  • Each Vendor registration with FOI is non transferable. Vendors may not sublet their booth or any part thereof.
  • You will be provided a tent space (10ft x 10 ft) with two 8 ft tables and two chairs.
  • Sign of each vendor name will be provided by FOI.
  • FOI will guide and provide overall direction for setup and coordination.
  • Vendor booth must be setup by 10:30 AM on both days of the festival.
  • Street closings are monitored by the City Police. You will be allowed to park near your booth for the purpose of loading & unloading only. 
  • All vehicles must be off the festival street site by 10:30 AM. This is enforced by police and after that time, any vehicles still on the street will be towed, at the expense of vendor/owner of the vehicle.
  • All day parking options are available near the festival site, at a number of parking decks, at vendor expense.
  • Products and Services displayed by the souvenir vendor must be uniquely Indian, in that they materially relate to and enhance depiction and propagation of Indian culture. 
  • FOI has full discretion on approving the kind of Products or Services to be displayed at the festival.
  • Vendor will be totally responsible for satisfying all license and tax compliance issues mandated by the state of NC, related to all transactions in your Booth.
  • City of Charlotte provides adequate safety during the festival. But security of the products in the booths is the sole responsibility of the vendor.
  • FOI date is reserved and committed with the City of Charlotte/Belk Theater a year in advance. A week before, we start monitoring the weather forecast diligently. But the festival will take place no matter the weather! We expect you to keep an eye on the weather as well, and come prepared for whatever mother nature has in store for us during the festival weekend.
  • Refund/Cancellation policy:  We understand that sometimes things do not go as planned, because of factors beyond our control. Here is our refund policy:
    • 70% Refund – If cancellation requested 30 days before the start date of the festival.
    • 40% Refund - Within 30 days of the start date of the festival.
    • No Refund – Within 10 days of the start date of the festival.
    • No Refund – if inclement weather disrupts activity on the street.
  • You are expected to behave professionally with courtesy, in all your dealings with festival organizers, sponsors, participants and visitors. Violations of any of these guidelines will result in immediate removal from the festival with forfeiture of all fees paid. The decision of the Souvenir Vendor Lead is final and binding. 

YES. I have read all 2020 Souvenir vendor participation guidelines and wish to proceed with Registration


North Carolina Tax

Each vendor is responsible for the collection of North Carolina and County of Mecklenburg sales tax (8.25%) and payment thereof to the NC Department of Revenue. (Contact: Registration Info, 704-519- 3000 ext #2) The Festival of India is NOT acting as an agent and will not be responsible for the collection or payment of any sales tax.

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Questions ?

If you have any questions regarding registering as a Souvenir Vendor, please contact

Niketa Mittal

Phone: (732) 586-6075

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