Objective: We encourage local Drama clubs interested in cross cultural issues to create plays on themes related to Indian American cultural experience. And offer them a platform to present their work to a receptive audience of visitors to the festival.

For Participation and additional information please contact  

Program Lead: Amit Parikh <aparikh@carolina.rr.com> Cell: 704-807-3932

2018 Drama Offerings at the Booth Playhouse

(12:15 -to 1:15 PM) Drama - No Tea for Old People by Deb Ghosh: Satirical comedy about a retired widower who asks for a cup of tea in the morning, and sets off a ridiculous chain of events that raises the age-old question how much of a burden old age brings.


(1:30 to 2:30 PM) Drama - The Little Terrorist by Nandita Ghose: A light hearted story about a ten year old Muslim boy “Jamal” playing cricket with his friends close to the Indo-Pak border. The ball is accidentally tossed over to the Indian side and when he goes to fetch it back, he is spotted by the guards at the border. He is then aided by a Hindu boy, who protects him and guides him to get back across the border to Pakistan safely. 


(2:45 to 3:15 pm) Drama – Shikandi by Nandita Ghose: Story of Amba a character in the classic Mahabarta, who is reborn as Shikhandi to avenge Bhishma. The story is used to draw attention to the taboos associated with the LGBT community and in the process, gender stereotypes lay exposed.