Festival of India 2021 within CharlotteSHOUT!

CharlotteSHOUT! is a multi-week cultural festival designed to showcase the Charlotte community by celebrating its creativity and innovation through art, music, food, and ideas. Located primarily in Uptown. CharlotteSHOUT! features curated programming by Charlottens born here, and also those who have immigrated from many other countries and call Charlotte home. This year CharlotteSHOUT! will be held from September 17 – October 3, 2021.

The Festival of India, held annually in Charlotte, was cancelled last year, and it was a painful decision for us that we had to make for the first time in 25+ years, due to the raging pandemic. One of the challenges about doing our Festival of India this year, has been our continued struggle with gauging visitor sentiment on attending big events, particularly in closed settings. So this year, we chose to team up with CharlotteSHOUT! to present the Festival of India under its umbrella on September 25, 2021, and collaborate on doing the Festival of India at Gateway Village in uptown Charlotte, because this venue offers many more flexible social distancing options.

We strongly believe that this is a unique facility with both open and covered spaces, with CharlotteSHOUT! planning to build a large stage with state-of-the-art sound system there. It offers lots of creative flexibility in reconfiguring our exhibits and also allows appropriate levels of social distancing for visitors. This will be a marquee event for CharlotteSHOUT that day, and we are excited about this collaborative endeavor.

For developing details, please visit us here or at www.CharlotteShout.com.

2020 FOI Chairperson


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Guna Kommareddi gkommareddi@gmail.com

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Performing Arts

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Kids Art Corner

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States Exhibit

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Mehndi, Saree & Turban

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Charlotte Indian Idol

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