Emcee Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to register as an Emcee?

  • You will need to have an account with the Festival of India website, before you can register to participate as an Emcee. 
  • Read and agree to all the guidelines listed below.
  • Provide all requested information on the online Registration Form. Incomplete forms will not be accepted.
  • Details about your completed emcee registration will be eMailed to you.

How can I create an account on the Festival of India website?

For the first time, when you register, you will be asked to create a new account. You will be required to validate the email address you provide during the creation of the account. This validation will happen by our system sending a validation message to your email address and you will then need to acknowledge the validation link, before your account creation process is complete. 

What if I forget my password after creating an account?

You can create a new password by going under “Login” page and clicking on “Forgot my password” link, the link will then guide you to reset your password.

What kind of information is needed for the online Registration form?

Please click here to view the Emcee Registration form, that will need to be completed during the registration process. 

What happens after I complete the Registration process?

It gets sent to the festival performance committee, for review, completeness and approval.  You will get a confirmation email shortly after your emcee registration is submitted.

What if I want to edit details about my registration?

You will be able to edit your registration after submission. Please note that you will be able to make changes until the registration deadline.

Can I register to be an Emcee even if I am performing in one of the dances?

Yes, you can be an Emcee even if you are also a participant in one of the dances.

Do I need an audition for being an Emcee for the festival? 

Yes. A YouTube link needs to be sent with the emcee delivering the script provided by the committee on the Emcee Registration form. Committee will reach out to you if “in person” audition is needed.

How do I know that I have been selected as an emcee?

You will get a confirmation email closer to the festival dates and after the audition deadline date along with comments/recommendations as applicable.

What if I have questions that are not addressed above?

Please contact the performance committee at foiperformance@gmail.com

To participate in the Festival of India (FOI), you are required to make sure that you follow these guidelines.

  • Festival Date: 09/14/2024
  • Emcee Minimum age of participants (on or before August 31, 2024):
    • Belk Theater Stage: 18 yrs or older
    • Booth Playhouse: 18 yrs or older
    • NO EXCEPTIONS will be permitted and the Committee can request a Birth Certificate to resolve any issues. 
  • Audition:
    • All Emcees who have registered on the website will be expected to submit your YouTube audition tape, reading the script provided here. If in person audition is needed, performance committee will reach out to you
    • A script has been provided for solo and/or partner audition above and on the Emcee registration form.
    • Final selection will be based on live auditions as needed and an assessment & decision by the FOI Performance Committee. FOI has full discretion on approval of finalists.
    • Emcee YouTube Audition deadline TBD, 2024
  • Registration:
    • All registrations start on TBD, 2024
    • All registrations end on TBD, 2024
  • All day parking options are available near the festival site, at a number of parking decks, at discounted venue parking fees.

YES. I have read all 2024 emcee registration guidelines and wish to proceed with Registration